The Future, Second Life

Christian Lachaud
Fri, 05 Oct 2012 12:15:29 PDT
Dear Robert,

I think that it may be useful to connect with experts in this domain, in
order to get a global picture of the technical solutions already existing.
It will be better than trying to reinvent the wheel, and even if it may
require some investments, it will finally be a gain of time, money,
performance, professionalism, etc.

When I read about the information you have accumulated, I feel it rich and
attractive, but I also perceive how hidden the information is, due to its
huge amount.
The problem does not only concern written information, but also animated
and static visuals, as well as sound and speech.

I have found this scientific journal about information retrieval:…
There is also this site listing artificial intelligence systems for
information analysis, structuring, and retrieval:…

I hope the two links above can create connections and help.

Best regards.

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