Mystery Gladiolus

Randall P. Linke
Sat, 06 Oct 2012 12:29:49 PDT
I found this gladiolus this morning growing out of a large clump of Crinum
moorei.  The only reference to something similar from seeds I had planted
that could be old enough to flower is G. caryophyllaceus, however it
flowers in the spring.  Does any one have any thoughts on an ID?  The stem
is gray-green, and no leaves are present.

I've been contemplating dividing the Crinum moorei as it is in a very large
and now very crowded tub and they have not bloomed for two years.  Does
anyone have a recommendation on the best time to do this.  I would be
inclined at this point to wait until spring if this gladiouls proves to be
a winter grower.

Also, very happy that all of the Paramongaia weberbauri seeds germinated!
 Now to keep them alive.  Not having as good of luck with the Scadoxus
cyrtanthiflorus but they may yet do something.

Monterey Bay Region, California


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