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Tue, 09 Oct 2012 11:59:15 PDT
Help, Collen Goff is speaking from 7-8 on dahlias. You are welcome to hear what she has to share about dahlias. But I am was hoping to finish the night with native bulbs. Anyone in the area willing to come and enlighten us on the joys of going native with bulbs? This is a free program by the Master Gardeners open to the public. We will buy you dinner at ODs before class.
Collen Goff of Elkhorn
Gardens will talk about Dahlias
Thursday October 11, 2012
Start: 7:00-8pm Dahlias 
Then roundtable discussion on native bulbs 9:00 pm
Cost: Free
Location: South County
Roundtable, Grange Hall, 8191 Swanston Ln,Gilroy

Please join our Roundtable
for an in-depth discussion of dahlias and bulbs. Now is the time to plant for a
stunning spring display!

Some of us meet for dinner at ODs before class. Arrive between 5:30 and 6.
 28 Martin St.
Gilroy, Ca 95020


Dear optimists and pessimists,
While you were all arguing over the glass being half full or half empty,
I drank it.
Sincerely, an opportunist.

Sue Cancilla-Conde

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Subject: Re: [pbs] Cold hardiness of potted plants left outdoors in winter

A fresh look at ebay, revealed that temperature loggers are now 
available at low cost. They're a small device which will run for a year 
off an internal battery recording the temperature every so often and 
they can be plugged into a USB port to read off the data.

So discovering how low the temperatures underground go is now practical.

Oddly I recall an undergraduate problem I was given which gave a 
mathematical model of temperature variation in the ground - a lot must 
already be known, but of course not under anyone's precise 

I doubt it would be of much interest if I carried out this experiment, I 
have a poor man's version, I leave dahlia tubers just under the surface, 
and these usually survive.

In the two "worst winter for 30 years", 2009-10 and 2010-11, I lost a 
lot of bulbs on shelves in the greenhouse, but the bulbs I would expect 
to survive, narcissus, galanthus, tulips, crocus in pots all survived. I 
still think they are hardier than others.

However in those desperate winters, the minimum temperature was around 
minus 5C, that's with living close to the sea in North West England.

David Pilling
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