The Future

Wed, 03 Oct 2012 12:30:41 PDT
Robert, NEVER give up hope!

There is always a way out. Sometimes one can feel bogged down by it all though.

And as we know here and as I can see on facebook there is a following of enthusiatic and young gardeners out there!!

Kind regards


> Message du 03/10/12 15:42
> Objet : Re: [pbs] The Future

" I have to admit when I started this thread I was feeling a bit down. Although we have begun to put lots of things into place they do not seem to have generated as large an increase in membership as I had hoped. But I suppose It is too soon to judge and many parts of the plans are yet to be achieved, some not even yet attempted. 
> The ideas on the PBS forum have cheered me and given me a sense that all the work will eventually lead to a better Iris society. I thank you all for this discussion. It is sort of like getting a second opinion from another doctor.
> Bob Pries"

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