multiplying Zephyranthes

Peter Taggart
Wed, 03 Oct 2012 15:16:44 PDT
This is the normal technique for commercial propagation of Galanthus and
many other true bulbs, when the quarter or 1/8ths or even 1/16ths on larger
bulbs have been cut, the scales may then be separated into pairs.

This is called "twin scaling". I believe that it is normally done at the
start of summer dormancy, with a lot of fungicide and a sterile blade, the
pieces are put in a warm atmosphere such as a plastic bag with perlite in
an airing cupboard for the summer, and bulblets form on the fragments of
basal plate (and sometimes on the cut edges of the scales too). these can
then be planted in the Autumn
 While I have experimented on occasion, I am no expert on the procedure and
others will know a lot more about it.
Peter (UK)

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