Overplanting Eucomis

Dee dee@deeandbill.com
Sat, 27 Oct 2012 13:15:35 PDT
Hi Everybody,
I’m brand new to PBS, so I hope you’ll humor me a bit.  I did try a search, and saw a reference to the begonia grandis, but I think it’s too early a bloomer for what I need.  I have a number of Eucomis Comosa in the ground, and they’re reliable bloomers, and hardly any trouble.  However, right around this time of year, the foliage gets pretty ratty looking.  As they’re in a prominent spot in my yard, I’d like some type of other bulb, or even just a perennial that I could over plant them with, and hide the dying foliage.  I realize that it would have been better if I asked this question a few months ago, but I only just joined. So hindsight will have to be the best sight, and I’ll have a good jump on next year!
Dee Foster 
Newport Beach, CA

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