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Leo A. Martin
Tue, 02 Oct 2012 14:22:11 PDT
I don't think the Internet per se is the problem. Satisfaction with
superficiality is a problem. The Internet is capable of delivering
detailed explanations of anything, if people would only write these
explanations and somenbody wanted to read them.

Using the cactus world as my example, because I'm most familiar with that,
there is almost no useful cultivation information available on the
Internet. Yet the various national societies' journal back issues are
loaded with fantastic information: travelogs written by astute and
observant growers, detailed cultivation articles, Q&A articles. This
material is available only to those who want to read quite a bit. Some
cactus & succulent societies (the US society, for example) are digitizing
their back issues and making them available on DVDs. Others must be sought
in libraries of botanical gardens, universities or aging hobbyists. But
who reads more than 145 characters anymore?

It takes time to read a detailed explanation about anything. Growing
plants well require learning about plants, light, soil, humidity... it
goes on and on. Most Web page designers are told to fit everything into
18-point type on one page so there is no scrolling. This is due to
problems with the audience, not the medium. Even kids who are interested
in plants are usually more interested in simple computer games on their

I don't know the answer. In a world of video addicts, the book reader
seems like a lunatic. I know people who say they'd rather their kids were
on drugs than watching TV since drugs are so much less dangerous.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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