Haemanthus ID - Antigoni Rentzeperis

Hannon othonna@gmail.com
Mon, 29 Oct 2012 09:22:59 PDT
The "flower" is telling in H. pubescens and is the only character uniquely
emphasized by Snijman as being important in distinguishing it from related

"*Haemanthus pubescens* is easily recognized by the 4 to 5, occasionally 7,
large and very fleshy spathe valves which closely surround the flowers".

It is difficult or impossible to discern this from the photos. A locality
would be of great help, hence the value in obtaining and keeping such data
wherever possible.


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> Antigoni Rentzeperis <antigre10@yahoo.gr>
> Subject: [pbs] Haemanthus ID
> I would guess its Haemanthus dasyphyllus from the Kamiesberg - The flower
> tells us nothing but if those are its leaves it answers to the description
> on page 106 of the Haemanthus revision  by Dr Dee Snijman.
> "both surfaces light green with a few red bars ....  mostly covered with
> long soft white hairs"  Further on in the description the hairs are
> described  as "long, soft and shaggy"
> Cameron McMaster

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