The Future, Second Life

Christian Lachaud
Fri, 05 Oct 2012 01:25:18 PDT
Dear Jane,

Ideally, an efficient information retrieval system should have a structure
with 3 layers:

   1. a bottom/background layer in which all contributions are added
   chaotically and can be available as information sources (for research
   purposes requiring details for instance)
   2. an intermediary/invisible layer structuring files from the bottom
   layer, based on information content, and connecting (1) to (3)
   3. and a top/access layer in which all information from the bottom layer
   is synthesized, made fast, easy, and clever, and includes all web-links to
   the source contents in the bottom layer.

(2) and (3) would have to be created by those in charge of content
management, and updated with any additional content placed by contributors
in (1).
It is too difficult a task for one human being, and even a strong-willed
team will not be able to be systematic with updates (or for how long ?) -
this is a job for machines.

I am not aware of information management technology for the internet, but I
am sure that software engineering has integrated statistics, linguistics,
and cognitive sciences research developments in powerful information
management and information retrieval solutions.
Maybe is it not that costly in terms of money, and could be worthy for big
structures ?

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