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clayton3120 clayton3120
Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:25:08 PDT
Dear Members,
I must write to you concerning dispelling information  to the organization.
  First off, may I just say.... Nature abhors rules. Have you heard this
before?    If something does well in a certain cultural practice, in your
climate, in your situation, does it  necessarily apply to someone in
another situation?  Theoretically, it would seem so, but in practice....
not always and in some cases, rarely, if not at all.
Book knowledge is always a starting point, but practical knowledge trumps
the books, whoever or whatever the case may be.
Scientific, and inquisitive minds  exhaust the possibilities, search for
answers, and always QUESTION!
Absolutes  always raise my hackles.
I have seen , and continue to see absolutes  disseminated in this forum.
 Please, please make yourselves aware that what works for you may or may
not be the answer in another situation.
On a personal note, I could refute  and challenge  much that I read on here
.  Chromosomes matching before a cross can take place?
How do you explain an intergeneric cross then, where practically NOTHING is
aligned?      Never use  organic mulches  for potted bulbs?   Oh dear,
please come and see my operation!   Fall, winter , and spring!    etc.
We are  some of the leaders in  cultural information, and experience. And,
it doesn't always cross over from person to person, situation to situation.
 If you have something to contribute, may I suggest you begin with,  For
me..... or.. I have found that.......
Rick K

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