Kathleen Sayce
Sun, 16 Sep 2012 10:25:55 PDT
Peter wrote: "I am suggesting that a domestic refrigerator? -39 degrees Fahrenheit (4degrees C), is too cold for the summer storage of winter growing bulbs (if
they are to grow naturally and in character)."

Last year I modified an old refrigerator with a new thermostat so that I could set the temperature to 50F, which is optimal for some lilies (the cool hypogeal group) and Pacific Coast iris. I've run it for a year now, using it for this dedicated purpose. May I suggest that when bulbs need cool storage, and if you have room for a dedicated refrigerator, you try this, dialing the thermostat to the right setting to keep bulbs in the 40 F, or whatever their optimal storage range is?


Kathleen Sayce
PNW Coast, WHZ 8, dryish cool summers & mild wet winters; approaching the end of our summer dry season right now

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