Urginea maritima - largest flower bulb?

Kipp McMichael kimcmich@hotmail.com
Sun, 23 Sep 2012 19:18:15 PDT
  Are we talking bulb sensu stricto or anything tuberous. If true bulb, I second the Crinum bulbispermum suggestion - though I don't know how dense they are. Tim, did you weight the 20" dia Crinum you dug? I know Brunsvigia josephinae can push 40 lbs.
  If tubers are in the running, then I think a number of curcurbits are the champs far and away: Marah species have documented tubers over 400 lbs - and that was just the portion of the tuber that was extracted and weighed. I have unearthed the top of one that was easily as big as a recliner.

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