Request for research material

Nolo Contendere
Wed, 12 Sep 2012 09:13:47 PDT
Dear PBS members,

My Ph.D student Nicolás Garcia is working on the phylogeny and generic 
relationships of the Hippeastreae (Amaryllidaceae).  He would like to be 
able to sample more material of the following genera:

Mexican and South American Habranthus spp.
Mexican South American Zephyanthes

He is not looking for the more common species, (i.e., H. robustus, H. 
tubipsathus, Z. rosea, Z. candida, Z. carinata), but the less 
well-known, which some of you may have in cultivation.

At the very least, we would like leaf material in silica gel (we can 
provide the silica), but bulbs and/or seeds would be welcome, since he 
is doing FISH chromosome preparations as well as DNA sequencing.

If you can help us out, please email me at

Much thanks,
Alan Meerow

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