multiplying Zephyranthes

Thu, 27 Sep 2012 03:40:15 PDT
Hi Ina 
You can do this with many plants if you keep them moist & rot free.
I've done this with crinums & they are really easy, babies shoot quickly even from quartered plants. Ive always waited until growth is most active. I've done it by accident with habranthes robustus & zephyranthes I can't think of it ??  The large fragrant white one, cutting them exactly I'n half when digging them up, I always replant the bits & some of them survive for several months but dont shoot, some re-shoot but don't recover well enough to offset, & some shoot offsets easily. Personally i think if you had a rare one it wouldn't be worth the risk, because most whole zephs shoot offsets reasonably quickly.

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> I was asked today if I had ever seen the method used of multiplying 
> Zephyranthes by cutting the bulb 
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