Bongardia chrysogonum

Jane McGary
Sun, 23 Sep 2012 10:12:02 PDT
I have never obtained seed from Bongardia chrysogonum in more than 20 
years. I have two plants, one of which I purchased as a tuber and the 
other I grew from wild-collected seed. However, they flower about 3 
weeks apart, and although the leaves and flowers are similar, the 
empty capsules that form look quite different: one has almost 
spherical capsules, and those of the other are elongated. I have 
tried hand pollination selfing the flowers, with no result.
Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

Gordon wrote
>My single plant of Bongardia chrysogonum is in flower at present and I
>am hoping for seeds to be set,is this likely with only one plant which I
>believe has hermaphrodite flowers.It has flowered in previous years but
>has never set seed and this season I have put it out in the open to
>hopefully have insect pollination as well has some hand pollination to
>assist.Gordon Julian,Tasmania

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