Perideridea gairdneri

Wed, 19 Sep 2012 04:43:44 PDT

An interesting post as here we have Conopodium majus another apiaceae which is a delicious small nutty tuber native in Britain and Northern Europe.




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> Here is a native plant Perideridea gairdneri Gardners Yampah in the Apiaceae that produces tuberous roots in abundance. This has been a traditional, staple food for Native American groups. The Blackfeet, Paiute and Cheyanne and more. The potato like roots can be eaten roasted or boiled. I tried some last fall by cleaning and roasting and they were very good. Was served at our farm christmas party with some skepticism. Am going to try again with a spicy coating. We'll call them Indian Beer Nuts.

> Rich Haard
> Bellingham, Washington

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