Cosmos atrosanguineus

James Waddick
Mon, 17 Sep 2012 08:53:04 PDT
Dear Friends,
	I think there is some confusion here, so let me re state my 
earlier note.

	It is believed that ALL extant plants of this species (once 
known as 'Bidens)are self sterile plants  All plants are the result 
of division or now more often tissue culture i.e micro-propagation. 
Thousands if not tens off thousands are sold annually.

	Some unknown time back a report came that the plant believed 
to be extinct in its native Mexico was found and seeds collected. The 
growth of these seeds, production of new seeds, distribution is 
completely unknown to me. I'd appreciate some facts on this.

	A few years ago a couple of gardeners in New Zealand became 
aware that their fertile seed producing garden plants were quite 
unique and made seed available to a couple British growers. Some of 
this is detailed here  (Thanks David).

	Seed produced in the UK has been distributed sparingly. Kew 
gardens has also been involved in growing these new seedlings.

	The old sterile cone has proven fertile if crossed with any 
of the new seedlings confirming its self sterility, but willingness 
to produce seed if out crossed to another individual.

	The few seeds I was given came from a UK source.

	A couple of interesting items:

	It would seem appropriate that the original widely grown and 
propagated clone should now have a cultivar name to distinguish it 
from new named cultivars.

	There is at least one new named cv 'Choca Mocha'…

	Surely more named cvs will be introduced.

	But back to my original request.... Do any of our members 
have experience growing seeds of this species?

		Thanks		Jim W.
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