Native ? Yellow Zephyranthes questions

Tim Chapman
Sat, 08 Sep 2012 16:14:00 PDT

I am by no means a Zephyranthes expert and have two simple (hopefully) questions about a yellow flowered species that is currently in bloom. 

To start here is a photo:…

So , what is this?  Secondly, these are growing wild in a small town in Louisiana on the Mississippi River levee.  I've never seen them blooming anywhere else but the occur for a few miles at least in this area.  There are no houses anywhere close just chemical plants.  There most likely were homes near by years ago.  They occur in full sun areas and are thickest in the roadside ditch at the bottom of the levee.  They will grow higher, maybe another 4 meters up the levee.  I'm curious if this is a native or naturalized escapee??  The petals are almost exactly 1cm wide and 3.5 cm long. 

They have been blooming on and off for two months or so.  The recent hurricane has prevented the tractors from mowing for the first time all year. I finally was able to get seed.  They tend to mow exactly the day before I planned to stop by. 

Any info is appreciated

Tim Chapman

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