Muscari Cultivar Questions

Jane McGary
Thu, 20 Sep 2012 12:29:12 PDT
The John Scheepers catalog lists a Muscari mixture including 
armeniacum, "botryoides album" hort., latifolium, and 'Valerie 
Finnis'. I don't know if this is the same mixture as Joseph asked 
about. Probably the sellers just put in M. armeniacum and whatever 
else is available in quantity, and add a few 'Valerie' (which is more 
expensive because it doesn't increase so well).

The commonly available selections of M. armeniacum are the species 
itself, the double 'Blue Spike', the greenish 'Saffier', and a white 
form whose name I forget. There are some bicolored cultivars, 
ascribed to M. aucheri, that are more expensive and quite pretty, 
such as 'Mount Hood'. The catalog before me offers "Muscari 
paradoxum" which it claims is "syn. Bellevalia pycnantha," which is 
nonsense; the offered plant is clearly nothing like the true 
Bellevalia pycnantha, but is rather a dark, very aggressively 
multiplying Muscari species or hybrid.

'Valerie Finnis' is apparently a hybrid. It is definitely not M. 
neglectum! It arose in the garden of its eponym. Its color and slow 
increase suggest to me that Muscari pseudomuscari (syn. Pseudomuscari 
chalusicum) might be involved in its pedigree. That species is very 
attractive but I have been able to increase it only from seed; it has 
very large bulbs that rarely if ever multiply.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

05:33 PM 9/19/2012, you wrote:
>1) Four years ago, I planted Muscari armeniacum Delft Blue Mixture, 
>which is made up of a few shades of blue and one shade of white.  I 
>have tried to find which cultivars are in the mix, but I have had no 
>luck.  Does anyone know?  Or, does anyone know the original company 
>that created the mix so that I can direct my question there?
>2) Online, Muscari "Valerie Finnis is sometimes listed as neglectum 
>and sometimes as armeniacum.  Which is correct?

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