Cosmos atrosanguineus

James Waddick
Sun, 16 Sep 2012 07:25:11 PDT
Dear Friends,

	I am sure regular readers of this forum and of the wiki are 
aware of the odd history of this tuberous species. See…

	The plant was originally collected in Mexico, then believed 
to have become extinct. All cultivated plants are a single clone 
propagated by micro-propagation or division of its Dahlia-like 
tubers. The plant is sterile and produces no seed.

	A few years ago a fertile  seed strain was 'discovered' in 
New Zealand and has slowly entered cultivation.  Seedlings can be 
crossed with the established clone to produce fertile seed and at 
least a couple of new cultivars have been developed.

	By an odd coincidence I was recently given a small quantity 
of seed of  this still very rare plant. Of course, having never grown 
it from seed, I'd appreciate any guidance from any of this group's 
members who may have grown this species from seed or  some 
suggestions on how best to succeed.

	It is still too rare to mess up. Appreciate the expertise of 
PBS members. 	Thanks.	Jim W.
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