Tulipa humilis 'Albocaerulea Oculata'

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In my experience Tulipa 'Albocaerulea Oculata'' and many other dryland bulbs 
will survive for several years of too much moisture; then croak. But it is 
possible to give them enough oxygen that they can dwell and multiply even in 
climate of extreme winter rain ; yet humilis Some may indeed require total 
drought in summer. But dryland bulbs have been shuffling back and forth 
across mountain ranges, rain shadows, and so on, for ages, and in 
consequence are more adaptable than

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>I find that species tulips keep coming back in my garden. My garden has 
>well drained sandy soil (60 percent sand, 40% silt), dry in summer, 
>slightly acidic, and I sometimes add compost and fertilizer. I'm a bit 
>erratic about fertilizers, and add compost every 3-4 years.  These bulbs 
>are in the no water bed, which dries out for 2-3 months every year.
> If Roger's tulips don't persist, it's probably due to soils not drying out 
> in summer. Make a raised bed with very good drainage in full sun, and 
> don't water it. Let nature deliver the water.  Or use pots, ditto, once 
> flowering is done.
> Species tulips do not appear to be as palatable to deer as hybrid tulips 
> are,  so I gravitated to them years ago, and have enjoyed watching several 
> species persist and multiply.
> Kathleen
> Kathleen Sayce
> PNW Coast, WHZ 8, dryish cool summers & mild wet winters; right at the end 
> of the dry season right now.
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