Cosmos atrosanguineus

Reichjke de kuypeurs
Sat, 22 Sep 2012 17:39:22 PDT
Dennis, I was in Jalisco, Mexico last year, and saw myriad Cosmos  
atrosanguineus, some with ripe seed.    I said nothing when I read the  
posts  concerning this plant.   I suppose in Northern climes, this  
raises a stir when a clone produces seed.
Unless you've seen the plant in the wild, you can only conject the  
impossibilities attributed to this  genus and species.  Tissue culture  
has done a disservice to this plant, as they look nothing like those  
in the wild.   No wonder at all they are sterile, producing no seed.
Quite honestly, I 'm not sure why this plant stirs that much interest,  
but..... it is NOT extinct,  fertile in the wild, and perhaps in  
certain situations  outside it's habitat.
Rick K

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