Tulipa humilis 'Albocaerulea Oculata'

Peter Taggart petersirises@gmail.com
Sun, 30 Sep 2012 13:03:22 PDT
I think there is a supplier called ?Marcus Harvey

To aerate soil with grit or coarse sand requires about 1/3 volume of grit
particles which would be equivalent to adding 3 inches of coarse sand or
grit to the ground and digging it in to a depth of eight or nine inches.
Most Tulips dwindle without lime or an alkaline soil and yes bone meal
works for me, and I grow lots of tulips in pots.  Tulips in pots require
Peter (UK)

On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 2:35 AM, Ceridwen Lloyd

> Does anyone know of a source for these bulbs in The Antipodes?
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> On 30/09/2012, at 7:07 AM, "Gene  Mirro" <mirrog@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I had very heavy clay loam soil, which I amended with coarse sand.  Till
> the soil, pile 1.5" of sand on top, sprinkle dolomite lime and bone meal
> generously, and till it in.  Organic matter is also helpful.  I always form
> my soil into raised beds.  You can get improved soil nearly a foot deep
> that way.  The range of plants that will grow in sandy loam soil is amazing.
> >
> > Tulips do best in full sun.  No water in Summer.  A light sprinkling of
> 5-10-10 fertilizer or bone meal is very helpful in early Spring.  People
> say bone meal isn't good, but my bulbs love it.  Apply more lime every year.

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