New Subject; Lilium chalcedonicum

clayton3120 clayton3120
Sun, 02 Sep 2012 22:39:24 PDT
Years ago, I grew from seed, and flowered successfully, Lilium
chalcedonicum, surely a triumph in our environment.   In our climate
in the Seattle area, it is not perfectly suited  ,as it is susceptible
to   both botrytis, and  root diseases.  I consulted Lily expert ,
grower, and breeder, Judith Freeman, and she confirmed that this is
not  the greatest species for our area.
HOWEVER........... this species is invaluable in breeding .   Being a
parent of the beautiful, and rarely available hybrid Lilium x
testaceum, I have several species I would like to try  to make
experimental crosses with.    Is anyone growing this species?   Does
anyone  have bulbs, seed, or resources for this species?
Have you made your own experimental crosses using this species as one
of the parents?
Rick K

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