Salvaging Androstephium breviflorum

Michael Mace
Sat, 15 Sep 2012 21:09:14 PDT
Clare wrote:

>> *Androstephium breviflorum*, or, pink funnel lily, must be salvaged.  We
have thought about seed collection, propagation from cuttings, and whole
plant transplant, but the fact is, not much is known about this species and
there is no documentation of transplantation or salvage that we can find.
Do any of you have suggestions?  This annual is a spring bloomer, but is
only seen after a big rain, so it may be difficult even to locate

I haven't grown that one; hopefully someone on the list will know it and can
give you more specific advice than me.  But in the meantime...

You said it's an annual, but according to what I can find online, it is a
perennial that grows from a corm.  Usually, the best way to relocate that
sort of plant is to mark the plants when in growth, then dig up the corms
carefully after they go dormant, and replant them in a similar habitat that
doesn't have this species in residence.  Digging plants in growth will
probably kill many of them, and this type of plant will not grow from
You should also collect seeds from the plants and distribute them in the
relocation area.

Best of luck.

San Jose, CA

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