Dry Stall and/or Pumice

Shoal Creek Succulents group@shoalcreeksucculents.com
Sun, 04 Aug 2013 11:38:12 PDT

I am trying to find more pumice; I'm out of my current supply.  I bought a
skid of it last time; it was transported across the country - so I'm sure I
didn't pay the best price possible.

I have tried contacting the Dry Stall folks several times to find a dealer
within 200 miles of me; but they haven't responded.

I am curious if anyone is using Dry Stall?  If yes, what is your price per
bag, how many pounds per bag and how many bags do you buy at a time?  In
case here are price points for buying more bags.

I would like to compare it to what I purchased last time to see if I should
just give up or continue to pursue Dry Stall.  

I am located in NW IL, and am in the wrong part of the US to find it easily.


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