Who Ate My Freesias? and Foraged Fine Gravel

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Sat, 17 Aug 2013 08:53:33 PDT
So I'm repotting bulbs that I grow in my cool (50 degree F. winter 
temperature) greenhouse. And the Freesia alba corms that Mary Sue sent 
me several years ago are not in their pot! The only varmint I can think 
of would be mice but I've never seen them or their droppings in the 
greenhouse. I'm desolate, as walking in there on a snowy winter day, mug 
of tea in hand, with the freesia perfuming the air is better than going 
on a cruise. So sad.

And something different - there's an intermittent drainage creek along 
the side of the property, scoured down to the shale bedrock. With the 
heavy rains we've had this summer lovely fine stone has washed down in 
little gravel bars. I walk into the mostly dry creek bed and shovel up a 
bucket at a time. Wonderful for potting mixes and top dressing. Can't 
call it "silver sand" as it is red. Will now mix up another batch and 
start repotting Rhodophiala, then move them outdoors for the end of 
summer rains. Zephyranthes candida is enjoying the rains we've recently 
had. And - off topic - there was a wonderful flush of golden chanterelle 
mushrooms too.

Judy in New Jersey where the days are noticeably shorter

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