You can nominate additions to our Sources list (was Narcissus seedlist)

Michael Mace
Fri, 02 Aug 2013 10:40:45 PDT
Diane wrote:

> Brian Duncan, a narcissus breeder,  searches Europe for wild daffodils

Diane, would you like to nominate him for inclusion in our Sources list?

A reminder to everyone: you are encouraged to nominate your favorite species
species seed and bulb suppliers for inclusion in the PBS Sources list. You
can see the current list here:… 

Ground rules: 
--Suppliers are listed as a public service. PBS doesn't endorse them and has
no business relationship with them.
--You can't nominate yourself.
--Please nominate a company only if you've bought from them and were
satisfied with their products and service.
--Everyone who's in business has some complaints against them, but if there
have been *a lot* of complaints from our members about a supplier, we
reserve the right not to list them.
--We're not looking to list suppliers who resell bulbs collected from the
wild (rescue bulbs excepted).
--We don't list the mass-market suppliers of mainstream hybrid bulbs
(Breck's, White Flower Farm, McClure & Zimmerman, etc). Nothing wrong with
them, but our focus is mostly on species, and besides the big guys get
plenty of publicity already. What we're after are the small suppliers who
are otherwise hard to find, and who carry a lot of hard-to-find species or
very unusual hybrids.

You can send me an e-mail message to nominate a supplier, or post your
nomination to the list.


San Jose, CA

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