Crinum in containers (was C. bulbispermum....)

Diana Chapman
Fri, 09 Aug 2013 06:40:36 PDT
All my Crinums bloom, but I grow them in five gallon pots all put in 
large kiddie wading pools, which I then fill to about four or five 
inches of water with the fertilizer dissolved in the water.  Before I 
put them in the wading pools I simply could not keep the pots moist 
enough.  In winter I let them go dry, which is usually when I repot.  As 
soon as I fill the wading pools in spring they all bloom within about a 

> It is definitely possible to get Crinums to flower in containers, but it
> may not be easy.  In Leo's case, I am guessing that in Phoenix, Arizona,
> you just cannot keep them with enough water to meet their growing needs.
> Small Crinum grow and bloom in 1- or 2-gallon pots.  Some, such as
> carlo-schmidtii, seem to need extra water to bloom.  C. walteri and C.
> razafindratsiraea will bloom in 1-gal. and 2-gal pots respectively.  I grow
> other crinums in 5-gallon and a few in 7-gallon pots.  Some bloom, some do not.
> You need regular watering in the big pots.  I use drip lines to each pot,
> with the 5-gal and 7-gal getting at least 2 drip-lines per pot.
> You also have to feed rather heavily.  Neglect the feeding and the next
> year you may not see any flowers.
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