Dry Stall

Barb Niemann bbniemann@gmail.com
Mon, 05 Aug 2013 10:07:47 PDT
Hi Lisa,
Not sure what exactly you want the pumice for but I will throw out a 
couple other options that might work and are easy to get in our area. 
Have you tried the pea gravel sized lava rock that is sold at Ted's 
Greenhouse? It is very similar to pumice. I use this for all of my 
succulents and mixed into the media I use for my bulbs. I have even used 
it in a S/H set up to root some stubborn haworthias. For my more 
delicate succulents like my pseudolithos and stapeliads I also add NAPA 
#8822 to the mix. I am quite happy with this and it is relatively cheap 
and easy to obtain at any NAPA store. It looks somewhat comparable size 
wise to the pictures of dry stall I see online but the NAPA is a bit 
finer. I wish pumice was easy to get around here!

Hope that was helpful,
Barb (from CSSGC)

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