A New Crinum Queen: 'Glory'

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 02 Aug 2013 16:35:55 PDT
Dear Friends, 

	I believe there may be a new Queen of Crinums, if I may be so bold. Two years ago, Jay Yourch send me a bulb of his new hybrid Crinum 'Glory' to see if it had the hardiness of its parents. This seedling is named for his mother and combines two very interesting parents. The pod parent is 'Super Ellen' an amazing hardy Crinum of great beauty. 'Super Ellen' has been hardy in my Zone 5/6 garden for years and regularly puts up six foot tall stalks of deep rose/red flowers for weeks on end. The Pollen parent 'Mrs James Hendry' did not prove hardy in my garden, but it has pure white flowers with a lovely scent.

	The combined seedling first bloomed today. The flowers are noticeably bigger than any other hardy Crinum I grow including "Super Ellen': larger by as much as 20%. The stalks are shorter than 'Super Ellen' at about 40 to 45 inches, but the diameter of the stalks is bigger indicating a strong upright stalk and display. The plant is medium size for a Crinum, very appropriate to many gardens.

	The flowers as I said are huge. I measure the unopened buds as 5 inches long. The flowers are the richest pink imaginable with paler throat: a very refined flower. There is a pleasant floral scent even from a short distance away and it is not cloying.

	So in short and for a first bloom I am very impressed and look forward to even better growth and bloom as it fully settles down. So thanks to Jay and Congrats on his hybridization trials.

	I understand Tony Avent's Plant Delights Nursery is in the process of propagating this hybrid. I hope he can figure out a way to get a lot of them out to the growing public fast. Jay's pictures of this beauty can be seen at


	All hail 'Glory'. 		Best	Jim W.

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