Crinum in containers (was C. bulbispermum....)
Fri, 09 Aug 2013 12:23:16 PDT

I grow most of my crinums in containers so I can bring them inside for a protected dormancy in the winter. Most of the ones in containers that are about 18 in x 18 in,  bloom each year, but not profusely. I believe that the bigger the container, the better the performance. I also sunk the pots in a trench in the garden where they got lots of water, in the summer months - even some flooding. Crinums are heavy feeders, rather like my wife. 

Dell, zone 6 

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Aad asked about what size container to use for Crinum bulbispermum in a garden that is 
entirely paved. 

I have planted Crinum in containers up to 24" / 61cm diameter and tall. I have never had 
one in a container bloom. 

They don't even grow very big in such a container whereas they grow like weeds in the 
ground. What are other people's experiences? 

Leo Martin 
Phoenix Arizona USA 

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