Repotting Pamianthe and S. Pole-Evansii?

Diana Chapman
Tue, 20 Aug 2013 06:39:31 PDT
My experience with Pamianthe and Worsleya is that they don't like losing 
their roots and don't grow new ones very easily, so I would just be 
careful.  I repot mine about every one to two years, let the old mix 
fall away, gently wash the roots, and carefully repot, with the bulbs 
sitting on the surface and the roots spread out and buried down the 
sides of the pot.  I have slashed the sides of my pots to give more air 
to the roots.  the roots don't seem to grow in the middle of the potting 
media, they will want to grow on the surface or at the sides. They then 
need staking, since the roots won't hold them upright, and they will 
anchor themselves after a while and the stake can be removed.  I think 
repotting is important especially if you fertilize, since I think they 
are sensitive to salt build up in the potting medium, and also don't 
like it when the medium breaks down and compacts.

> Is it a good idea to change soil of these two species and when? I am in particular a bit worried about my S. Pole-Evansii and Pamianthe
> I read somewhere that blooming can fail to happen if you damage the roots.
> Any advice is appreciated.
> Anders B. Petersen
> Copenhagen
> Denmark
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