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Sat, 10 Aug 2013 19:50:28 PDT


> Is anybody attempting to grow South African bulbs in Louisiana or other parts of the south?
> _____

That's a very wide ranging topic.  What part of Louisiana?  

In St Gabriel (just south of Baton Rouge) I'm growing several Eucomis spp and varieties.  Species Gladiolus seem to be hit or miss but there are definitely ones that will thrive here.  While not really a bulb, Kniphofia spp and hybrids can do very well here. 

Of course Agapathus are everywhere.  The various forms of Gloriosa superba do quite well.  Ledebouria are showing a lot of promise but I've tested them in pots outside over winter not in the ground yet (a few species are known to handle this climate well though ).  Drimiopsis spp can do well here , especially maculata. 

I'm sure there is a very long list of others that could do well and an even longer list of those that won't.   Our climate doesn't really match well with any of the SA areas so its just trial and error figuring out what will do here. 

Tim Chapman

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