Dry Stall

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Mon, 05 Aug 2013 09:47:14 PDT
Lisa wrote:

> I am curious if anyone is using Dry Stall?  If yes, what is your price per
bag, how many pounds per bag and how many bags do you buy at a time

I pay about $15 a sack, one sack at a time, and each sack weighs about 30

It's an expensive way to get pumice, but the advantage (for me) is that it's
washed and graded as to size, so I can use it straight out of the bag. The
bulk stuff at the garden center is full of fines.

I get Dry Stall at a feed store.

San Jose, CA

PS: A possible alternative, according to some of the bonsai-growing folks,
is the product used for surfacing the infields of baseball fields. I don't
know the name of it, but you should be able to find references to it by
cruising the bonsai discussion forums and looking for soil mixes. I haven't
tried it, but some of the bonsai folks swear by it.

Since baseball is played everywhere in the US, it may be easier for you to
buy this stuff.

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