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Youngs Aberdeen
Thu, 29 Aug 2013 11:03:26 PDT
IRG 44 August 2013 

This month  World of Bulbs features late summer/autumn crocus from J. Ian Young, writer of the Bulb Log, 

along with some photos of these in the wild from Johan Nilson of Gothenburg Botanic Garden.

We also follow the renewal of the garden in British Columbia of our late colleague Joyce Carruthers 

by her daughter Amanda with the help of Zdenek Zvolanek and friends. 

Trond Høy describes the plants seen on Svalbard in the north west of Norway, 

a region he has visited several times, the first time as a student back in 1977. 

Trond lives in Rogaland and is a keen gardener as well as observer of the native flora and fauna. 

M. Young

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