Kathleen Sayce
Sat, 31 Aug 2013 14:21:15 PDT
Admiring the late-summer-flowering alliums in my garden today, I noticed a blooming seedling in a pot labeled Allium sanbornii, which appears to be a young chives.  This is not a catastrophe; I'll plant it elsewhere in my garden and extend my chives collection. 

I would still like to grow the former, and hope that those who collect seeds from their alliums will keep the PBS exchange in mind this year. 

Then I reread some of Mark's postings on the genus Allium in the PBS archive, and realized anew that there are 100s of alliums I'd like to grow, including A. sanbornii. Do get busy, those among PBS who grow alliums, and send seeds to Dell for the rest of us to try. Meanwhile, the Allium pages have grown to a truly impressive collection, and they are seriously worth rereading. 

Does anyone know of a source for some of the taller Allium cernuum plants (60 cm tall) that Mark mentioned?


Pacific Northwest, zone 8, mild wet winters, mild foggy summers

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