Moraea polyanthus - polyanthos

Ina Crossley
Wed, 14 Aug 2013 13:16:22 PDT
Thank you Alberto, Mary Sue, Mike, Jim,  for your response and 
suggestions.  Mary Sue, I see you call them Moraea polyanthos.  PBS Wiki 
uses both polyanthos and polyanthus.  Which is the correct spelling?

I was taken with Mike's description of "little wrinkled nubs" for the 
finished flowers, as that is exactly what they look like.  And is all I 
have seen so far.

The are in the full sun, it is spring here, also M. polystachya has 
finished flowering here, M. tripetala is throwing up the occasional 
flower (don't forget these are only seedlings in their second year of 
growth) so timing I think is right for Auckland, NZ, as Mary Sue said 
there could be quite long window of flowering times.  They are in a 
container against the house so stay dry unless I water them, which they 
don't get often.

However, today 2 of the buds are looking like actual buds, the folded 
petals are showing!  WOW!  I may see a flower today!  I had not seen 
them with the closed petals even so far.

As the plants look like they will take up quite a bit of space (weedy 
growth to my mind) I will probably pass them on to someone here in NZ 
who is very keen to take them off my hands.  So they won't take up space 
I would rather use for the Zephyranthes and Habranthus.


Auckland, New Zealand equivalent to Zone 10a

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