Crocus species
Fri, 06 Dec 2013 11:48:45 PST
For fans of this genus and anyone not aware of it we have a really beautiful Autumn flowering taxon which has only just finished flowering here with the arrival of the first hard frosts and light snow cover in early October. They might find the lavender blue Crocus ???????? hard to beat but of course not everyone appreciates blue-ish flowers. The foliage, 10 to 12(15) cms long is mid green and appears to be indestructible here in my part of northern Europe but we don't have the range or variety of munching rodents which you do on your side of the Big Pond appears during Spring to early Summer before dying down after which September to November the flowers appear. Grown in clumps which quickly become uneven aged flowering goes on and on as the younger corms mature.

Reproduction is by seed and cormlets budding off in some number requiring regular lifting, thinning out and respacing. Seed collection here has been a bit lax but might be able to make the effort for anyone interested next year. Planted at c. 5 cms depth in rough granitic acidic sands and gravels, variously alongside path edges and amongst alpine Liliums, Gaultherias, Thymes, Primulas scotica and scandinavia in rocks and slate scree this Crocus looks after itself without any trouble and grown nearby are also the Saffron and other Crocus, both Spring and Autumn flowering species. Perfect drainage is rather more important than any other aspect of cultivation.

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