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Sun, 22 Dec 2013 15:48:57 PST
Thanks Ernie.

Nhu's review of my pics matched all of the labels.

The only one that I need an ID still would be this one:……

Thanks, Lisa

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Hi Lisa,
For seeds, they should be viable for a few years at least at room temps, if refrigerated they should be viable for more than a decade.  As for identifications in the genus, can't be much help here beyond what the wiki shows, there are more knowledgeable folks on this subject than me.
Ernie DeMarie
Briarcliff Manor, NY

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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year-

I am reviewing my Massonia plants and the Wiki.

I have the following questions:

For someone who grows many of these; what would be a consist list of species?

Massonia bifolia
Massonia depressa
Massonia echinata (≡  M. hirsuta, M. setulosa) *Massonia etesionamibensis Massonia jasminiflora (≡M. sempervivens) Massonia pustulata (≡M. longipes) Massonia pygmaea
	ssp. pygmaea (pustulate or papilate leaves)
	ssp. kamiesbergensis (glabrous leaves)
*Massonia sessiliflora
Massonia wittebergensis [2010]

Two items with asterisks are not listed in the Wiki. Thoughts?
Items above in parentheses are treated as separate items in Wiki, but noted as synonyms.  Thoughts?

I have one plant I would like an ID  (0946) if possible and any comments on the rest would be appreciated. I suspect the flower would be the key to ID, which should be soon.…

Lastly; what is the viability of seed in terms of time.  Obviously, fresh seed is best - but how long before it wouldn’t be worthwhile to purchase?

Thanks much...

Best regards, Lisa



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