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Cynthia Mueller
Thu, 07 Feb 2013 05:59:27 PST
Steven, that's a great story.  -Cynthia Mueller

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> I just wanted to share, I have a beautiful little boy with a lovely lady
> who adored the other guy & had to follow her heart.. Our little man lives
> with beautiful mum & his lovely new dad near Cairns about 2000km away but
> Tracy goes out of her way to keep me involved in his life in any way she
> can, so he always knows im close by & we are all wonderful friends.. She
> was never supposed to have children so he was a special gift...
> Our little boy Nader just turned 4 in November, he loves the garden, he
> waters & loves to plant plants for mum in the vegi patch & he helped plant
> lots of palm seedlings in pots & he watches them grow every day, he loves
> insects so he always carries a magnifying glass I gave him, everywhere he
> goes & if he sees a mite he will count the hairs on its legs haha.....
> I decided to see if I could give him an interest in bulbs, and I gave him
> his first bulb for his 4th  birthday, I decided on a Hippeastrum Apple
> Blossom & he was very intrigued by this strange thing mixed in with his
> presents, naturally I gave mum a heads up so he didn't take a bite out of
> it & she helped him plant it... He dug his own hole & planted it with the
> neck out & I think he found this all a little strange, but he went out
> every day & looked at the little tip sticking out of the soil with a
> baffled look on his face.... But one morning he went out & a bud
> had started & he was fascinated, each day it got bigger & he ran in to Mum
> & dragged her out to see what's happening... Soon after it flowered 4 giant
> flowers & he is absolutely hooked, he loved it & out came the magnifying
> glass so he could look at it all in detail, the grains of pollen, veins in
> the petals the colours, & he was on his hands & knees smelling the feint
> perfume each day with a smile from ear to ear.... He had to call because he
> remembered it was from me & he asked if he can have another one next
> birthday because he loves it so much...
> I thought it was so special I wanted to share :-)
> Steven
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