Introduction and So Glad I Found You

Fred Biasella
Fri, 11 Jan 2013 09:26:12 PST

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the group and don't worry about the "hoarding" issue you're among other hoarders and in good hands. LOL

Warm Regards,
Cambridge (Boston) MA
USDA Zone 6b

Hello Pacific Bulb Society, 

I'm a new member from Seattle, Washington, USA who has a small 10' x 12' greenhouse that I keep just over freezing.  This autumn, I started to worry that I might become the star of a future reality show on plant hoarders!  So, with the help of the PBS website, I decided to specialize in bulbs.  I've got a good start already.  I think my first PBS-worthy achievement was  starting Albuca setosa bulbs from Thompson & Morgan-purchased seeds over a decade ago. 

Your web site also pounded home the power of good labels.  I'm impatiently waiting for an irid that I started from seed six or seven years ago to open its very first flower.  It is either a D ietes or a M oraea, but the label is long gone, as is my memory of the species!  I moved the plant from the greenhouse to my laundry room in a fairly bright window in the hopes that the flowers will open , and they seem to be expanding.  Please let me know of any suggestions that might facilitate me seeing this plant's flowers.        

I think I might as well specialize in bulbs, because I already have a Griffinia, some B runsvigia grandiflora babies , H ippeastrella, a C yrtanthus montana, several H ippeastrum and C rinum hybrids , and I started some W urmbea stricta seedlings last summer that are doing well.  I have one Haemanthus coccineus that puts out two beautiful leaves every year, but has never bloomed.  Recently, I've added a Ferraria crispa, Amarine hybrid, Gladiolus speciosa and Rhodolphias. 

I appear to have a slight Clivia addiction, too , as I discovered about five years ago how easy these plants are to grow fro m seed and I went a little crazy.  These are not common plants here in the Northwest, as they aren't hardy here and I've never seen a live plant of any Clivia hybrid that wasn't orange and yellow, or just yellow.  That will change when some of my pastel seedlings bloom, or at least that is my hope. 

My favorite thing in the world is to grow rare plants from seed to flower, and it is so exciting to see all the great advice this group provides.  And just knowing that there are some other like-interested/obsessed individuals out there is great!  My goal is learn much more about all of these plants so that I can grow them well, and to eventually visit all of my favorites in their natural habitat. 

Happy New Year! 

Tony Peterson 

Seattle, Washington 

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