Asphodelus acaulis was Re: 2012 Images Added to the Edgewood Gardens Web Site

Jim McKenney
Tue, 01 Jan 2013 18:07:51 PST

My plant of Asphodelus acaulis was planted out into a low raised bed of carefully prepared soil in the fall of 2011. It sailed through that very mild winter without a problem, went on to bloom and set seed. This year there are two obvious rosettes of foliage above ground. A little finger poking a few weeks ago suggests that it has really gone to town beneath the soil. 

The underground parts of this plant are much bigger than the modest rosette of foliage might suggest. Take a look here at this blog post made in February 2007:…

The site where this grows now is basically a field with no trees or buildings nearby (meaning within several hundred feet). It's windy there and colder than the home garden only about a mile away. 

Jim McKenney

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