Plagiarized Images

Judy Glattstein
Mon, 21 Jan 2013 20:12:03 PST
I am one of those who still place those annoying copyright lines in images I put on my website. The images, complete with copyright notice, then appear on websites around the world - USA, Japan, Russia, Arabic, Thailand, and on and on. The majority are plant related. But then there are the outliers. An X-ray of my broken ankle turned up on a football site. One of a cat is on a RPG site. The Internet has made plagiarism an archaic term.

But when I find my images on a for-profit site you better believe I complain, demand immediate removal or payment.

It's my work. If someone asks I can share or sell, as I choose. If they take it without asking - that's stealing.

Judy in New Jersey where winter has decided to arrive with plunging temperatures

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