coyotte damage

Wed, 02 Jan 2013 16:37:40 PST

A bed of Triteleia hyacinthina I did not keep very weed free has become home to Townsend's Vole. I presume they are feasting on the bulbs. Interesting they only moved in on this species and nearby beds are untouched.. Along came a coyotte or a fox and dug a number of trenches scattering bulbs, bulbils and pieces all over the place. Feasting on the voles I hope. A rather destructive way to reduce the rodent damage. 

Townsend' Vole's_Vole/
 pic of the coyotte damage

This week I'm building bait stations from 2 inch plastic pipe for placing in our barn and seed workshop. I'm planning to put a few weatherized versions in this bulb bed to see if they are effective in the field. Last year we were very disappointed to find a barn owl dead in our farm field. I'm afraid killed by the secondary poisoning with the bromethalin dosed bait blocks I have been using in our barn and outbuildings. 

Searching for alternatives I came across this new product:  Terad3 with Cholecalciferol as active ingredient produced by Bell Labs. (They call it Vitamin D3??) They claim, low toxicity to birds from secondary poisoning by consuming poisoned rodents. The blocks come with a hole allowing it to be secured inside the bait station. Not sold locally, I purchased from Is important to keep the bait inside the bait stations so other animals do not eat directly. 

Trying this one this winter

Rich Haard 
Bellingham, Wa.

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