Some toughs on FB:

James Wood
Mon, 21 Jan 2013 09:33:14 PST
The Wiki is an amazing resource and I use it often.  Many Google species
searches take me right too the PBS wiki.  The quality of information can't
be beat.

FB can also be a great tool but for different reasons.  Some of us are on
both but I suspect that the groups served by this mailing list and FB are
somewhat different.

My guess is that those here are, on average, older and more knowledgeable
 I suspect that those that contribute to the Wiki are the best of the best
of us.

FB, on average, serves a younger crowd.  However, if the mission is to
promote bulbs and bulb education, and to
facilitate transferring knowledge to following generations, then using
"newer" media like Facebook does make a lot of sense.

In my area of professional expertise (cephalopods), I work with many levels
- from a list serve and database that is mostly PhD's to a moderated
on topic only list-serve to a website forum where much anything pg13 goes,
on topic or not.  What I'm suggesting is that we can have multiple
solutions that coexist well.  I personally think it would be good for the
group with the wiki (and quality information) to reach out using other
media.  If pbs does take a leadership role, it can actively promote the
Wiki as well as reach a somewhat different audience.  If not, FB pages on
bulbs will probably happen anyway. . . and is happening anyway. . .  I'm in
2-3 bulb groups on FB - I'm sure some of you are as well.

Your mileage may vary.


James B. Wood  Ph.D.
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