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Lee Poulsen wpoulsen@pacbell.net
Wed, 23 Jan 2013 12:58:12 PST
Ah, JSTOR. I kept running into articles, including a lot of new plant species article, while searching on Google, only to find that you can only look at the entire article if you have access to JSTOR. It has been sore point for me because while I am an employee of a university, I am neither a faculty member nor a student. So my employer has decided to deny access to the likes of people in my category (a majority of their employees, it turns out). However, I found a workaround in recent months. One of my wife's former high school science students, who I also know, is now a student at this university, and when I really want an article, I fire off the URL to him, and he sends the article back to me.

However, if you have heard the recent, unfortunate story of computer prodigy Aaron Swartz, you might also have heard that JSTOR has begun a free limited access program to all their journals for the general public. I think that after registering for it, you are allowed access to 3 articles in their entirety every two weeks. (Aaron Swartz apparently unlawfully downloaded millions of articles from JSTOR, and after reportedly being hounded by the Justice Department for months and then charged with a felony, committed suicide a couple of weeks ago. JSTOR announced their new program, Register & Read <http://about.jstor.org/rr/>, just days before this occurred.)

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