Crane, Charles F. ccrane@purdue.edu
Mon, 07 Jan 2013 08:05:43 PST
"Bayer Advanced Disease Control" for roses was 2.9% tebuconazole the last time I bought it, about two years ago, I think from WalMart or Menard's in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Zephyranthes will survive a 45-minute dunking in the concentrated spray mix, followed by thorough rinsing in running tap water, without any visible ill effect on appearance or growth rate or subsequent flowering.  I have also used it as a spray without problems.  Since the plants are in a research greenhouse, sprayings with restricted-use miticides and insecticides (to control thrips) are available on demand and are rotated to reduce the buildup of resistance.
This Bayer product is probably sold here because we cannot grow nice roses without control of black spot.

Charles Crane

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