Iris collina resurrection

Tim Harvey
Wed, 30 Jan 2013 16:32:52 PST

In my lab such data would have been stamped preliminary, and not published - maybe used in grant applications. Contrary to what you say, there is no requirement to compromise.
Even if the data is correct, why do OTHERS rush to interpret and implement changes? When mistakes are made, why are new papers published that do not have 'correction' mentioned anywhere?
Scientists in certain parts of the world are paid according to the number of papers published. Is that the price of compromise?

> Tim, everything is a compromise. If you ask the government to give is the
> billion of dollars that they spent on war, we could propel science forward
> in an unbelievable ways. But in the mean time, we're not getting those
> billions of dollars so we take things in small steps.
> Nhu

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