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Mon, 14 Jan 2013 05:33:07 PST
The proffered email did not work for me either, so I used Dell's regular BX email address, with no problem. Just FYI. 

Best, Jude

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Hi Mary Sue,

I did try to send Dell an e-mail from 2 different computer with 2 different 
e-mail adresses 2 days! It seems to be impossible to get trough. As I can see in 
the failture notice I think it has somthing to do with the spam block system. 
Therefore I send my seed order this way. Sorry about this.


Hi Dell,

I would like to order the following seeds:

3     Allium douglasii
12    Babiana purpurea
25    Chlorogalum sp
48    Fritillaria biflora
51    Galtonia regalis
55    Gladiolus priori
62    Hesperoxiphion peruvianum
71    Lilium kelloggii
77    Moraea vegeta
95    Tropaeolum brachyceras
104   Zigadenus fremontii

Thanks a lot

J. Mäsgen
M. Neumann
Bendenweg 24
53347 Alfter

J. Mäsgen
M. Neumann
Bendenweg 24
53347 Alfter


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